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Top 10 Mac Apps for Web Designers

Top 10 Mac Apps for Web Designers

Web designers are constantly facing new challenges and higher expectations from techno savvy consumers. Just when you thought a web site couldn’t get any better, a new state of the art design jumps off the screen. To help aid these entrepreneurial web designers, Macintosh Applications have made life a little easier. This list of top ten most useful Mac apps will keep web designers on the cutting edge.

#1 ColorSchemer Studio 2

ColorSchemer Studio 2 is a masterful color blending Mac application that will help you, as a web designer, create flavorful and vibrant color designs in a matter of minutes. ColorSchemer’s programming allows you to find perfect color combinations and introduce color schemes that work well with one another.

#2 Imagetricks

Since visual appeal is such a key element in web design, Macintosh’s Imagetricks application can help you create effects that are sure to please the eye. Some of these effects resemble features that Photoshop and other software programs offer. Most significantly, the enhanced images can be exported in a variety of necessary formats to help with your page design. Imagetricks makes a web designer’s job a little easier.

#3 Séquence

Sequence is the name of a popular board game, and it is also a Mac app that allows you to save a picture or movie of your screen to your personal clipboard. Consequently, a simple screenshot or a running video can be uploaded, sent, stored, or distributed as you wish. With Sequence’s versatile nature, these screenshots can be saved as bmp, pict, gif, jpg, png, tiff, and pdf files.

#4 Xee

Xee rhymes with flea and allows you to rename, move, and copy files while you are previewing the file. Additionally, folders that contain multiple images can be viewed in their entirety using simple commands and shortcuts. Surprisingly enough, you are even able to see images that have been saved in archived files. Automatic slideshow will enable you to view the vast collection of pictures that have been accessed using Xee.

#5 Lineform

Lineform is the Mac app that most closely resembles the Illustrator application. Fortunately, Lineform is free and some of the other options, including Illustrator, are not. The admirable features in Lineform allows you, the web designer, to create the perfect design that you are striving to actualize. The maximum use of gradients and artistic effects makes Lineform a popular Mac app. The result of this app is something that is perfect for some cheap gaming laptops under 300 dollars.

#6 Paparazzi

Usually when you hear the word Paparazzi, you immediately feel a sense of mild animosity toward photographers and columnists alike. Fortunately, that is not the case with the Paparazzi Macintosh application. Paparazzi allows you to capture a complete webpage shot without it rolling off the side of your screen. Rather than compiling a bunch of fragmented screenshots and putting them together, Paparazzi enables a web designer to copy an entire page from beginning to end and export it as one file.

#7 SecretBox

The SecretBox Mac app is probably one of the most useful of all the Macintosh applications because it safely stores important information. Private information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses, and serial codes can all be stored in SecretBox’s secure database. Even businesses can use this app for client’s passwords and private information.

#8 Firefox’s Firebug

A firebug is not the same as a firefly or a lighting bug, but it is a useful application. The Firefox application for web developers provides a wide variety of maneuverable functions that allow for editing, viewing, testing, development, browsing, and debugging of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. With its impressive capabilities, Firebug can override the HTML on any web page for the sole purpose of viewing the page in Firefox.

#9 Dejal Time Out

This web designer Mac application might not seem like the most strategic one of the bunch, but it is a healthy one. When you get engrossed in intense computer work, it is so common to forget to take a break. Never ending hours hunkered over a computer screen can be an unhealthy habit. Dejal Time Out kindly reminds the user to take a brief break from the stress of extensive computer usage.

#10 SimpleTask

This manageable Mac application allows you to organize your to-do list in a way that is simple and painless. With the limited number of fields and the various options, as a web designer, you can create a list in a short amount of time. Your time is valuable, and the SimpleTask practical organizational tool will help you make the most of every second.

With the high demands and challenging expectations, web designers rely on practical Mac apps that get the job done in a fast and reliable way. Macintosh applications help web designers make the most of their valuable time. Cutting edge technology might not always captivate your attention, but it could help you save precious time in the long run.


Jimmy Dean: Country Music Hall-of-Famer and Sausage King Dies at 81-years-old

Jimmy Dean: Country Music Hall-of-Famer and Sausage King Dies at 81-years-old

Jimmy Dean has been a household word for many years to people of all ages for many different reasons. Jimmy Dean’s sausage. Jimmy Dean, the country music star. Jimmy Dean, the TV host. Jimmy Dean, the actor. Jimmy Dean, the hall-of-famer.

According to, Jimmy Dean, age 81, died Sunday of natural causes at him home in Virginia, with his wife, Donna, nearby. writes that Dean was inducted this earlier year into the Country Music Hall of Fame as a Veteran Artist who helped to bring country music to the mainstream public through early television. He was also the first country star to have a headliner show on the Strip in Las Vegas.

Jimmy Dean’s 1961 hit, “Big Bad John,” earned him a Grammy and a number one spot on both country and pop charts.

He also hosted his own television variety show on ABC for three years, and was an actor on NBC’s “Daniel Boone,” in the 1960s.

Variety shows were something I fondly remember as a young child and teenager, as my father was a member of a long-running television orchestra. So, I remember being introduced to many shows during those years as television was a popular medium.

I was six years of age when “Big Bad John” was a hit. I liked hearing the story he told throughout the song-he captured my attention. I also remember seeing my first Muppet, Rowlf, on his show. Oh, how I laughed watching this puppet playing the piano, not yet realizing that the dog wasn’t quite real.

I might very well have memories of Jimmy Dean Sausage commercials in the 1960s, because I’ve never purchased any other commercial brand bulk sausage. The sausage that bears his name is likely a staple for many Sunday morning breakfasts.

As a teenager, I learned that Dean and I shared the same birthday, August 10th. By that time, the Texas cowboy had lost his appeal with me, only to be replaced with much “cooler” artists. But now that I’ve entered middle age, I am remembering the things that made me smile as a child.

Though not always “cool,” Jimmy Dean’s homespun personality has earned him a place into the hearts of many over the years. And even those who never heard his music or saw his show, his business savvy likely brought his brand into your home.

Beginning My Real Estate Career


Beginning my Real Estate Career

In two previous articles I have discussed getting licensed in Real Estate in Arizona and all of the necessary memberships, etc. Well, now it is time to begin working in Real Estate and showing houses. I am currently working with my first client who happens to be my girlfriend and me. We are looking at purchasing a condo and I will be discussing purchasing a home in an upcoming article.


At the same time, I am also looking at how to get my part time business of Real Estate off the ground. Of course, one of the first things that I need to do is obtain clients. I have numerous connections in my area and have talked to most of my friends and advised them that I will now be able to help them with all of their home buying and selling needs. I know that I will need to do more than this to be successful and I am working on developing a strategy.


My budget is limited and I already have another full-time job so I am not looking to spend a ton of money upfront on marketing. Instead, I would like to spend a little starting out and then use a percentage of the money that I make from my initial transactions to fund more marketing efforts in the future. But I do have some ideas for getting started.


The first thing that is absolutely necessary is to order business cards because you will never be able to get the word out about yourself without them. Business cards will probably cost you about $100, maybe $150 if you want to have your photo taken and add that. The other thing that I plan on doing is a letter that I plan on posting on every door at a condominium development near where I currently reside. It will be introducing myself as someone who really wants to get involved in the neighborhood and would love to hear back from them about what they know and how they feel about the area. I will tell them that if they send me an e-mail or give me a call with their contact info, I will start sending them a newsletter that will tell them about the real estate market in the area and give them an idea of what their home is worth. The newsletter will also talk about anything new or exciting that is coming to the area. I think that people will be excited to hear about what their home is worth and anything new that is coming to the area, and therefore, I think that I will get a lot of good contacts out of the deal.


Beyond those ideas, I will also talk to as many people as possible and also discuss with my broker whether or not there is any way that they can provide me with additional leads. I am also planning to try calling For Sale By Owners because a very high percentage of those individuals end up working with an agent.


My next article will talk about some of my early observations as I begin to show houses, add clients and gain information.

How to Make an Instant Profit in Todays Real Estate Market Part 2


You can do it the secrets your never told about

making money in real estate and a profit on your first buy.

First things first you have to decide do I want to really make money or am I just saying I do. Because its work and a little sacrifice. So many times I see people who want the american dream to be rich and own real estate. Thats fine but what will you pay to be rich and have your dreams.


I have a friend and her husband their dream is to own a ranch. Thats fine but a ranch is going to take time at least a true ranch of 12,000 acres or more will. So they got tired of paying a house note and rent and bought a motor home and 2 1/2 acres in the middle of the desert. This is a good start. What did they do well it simple if you want a simple life and have to earn it. Now if your dream is to build a ranch 20,000 dollars wont do it period. But here is the short of it.


By moving to their land they stopped 90 percent of their bills. And had extra money to do things. Like be stupid but hey its their life mainly her husbands life not hers.


Now I could not do as they have done I need the creature comforts like hot water and electricity but to each their own. They had the general idea just no follow through. It seems most people lack follow through. If your dream is to rich and you make 25 dollars and hour you have to alter your plan a bit. Most people biggest expense is rent or a house note. Which can take up a large chunk of a check every month. I have had people say my dream is to own land in california nice dream but not realistic to making money in real estate. Even the biggest flippers avoid california.


These people all have one thing in common the beach and some of them live hundreds of miles from the beach and never go but none the less. This is what they want. And 99 percent of them never see their dream come true. And it makes no sense either when you can go a city in a less populated part of the country. And buy a house for 5000 dollars. You now have a house it most likely needs work but hey thats what this is about. You are already 75 steps farther than most your house most likely has equity in it already. You dont have rent or a house note if you loose your job you can work for seven dollars an hour till things get better.


It allows you freedom and teaches you to wait and another good thing. You have learned that if everything is paid off and you owe only phone and utilities you will have more things faster like another house. You are now free to save that would have been used for rent and wasted. Everything I own is paid for. I dont worry about credit or any other stupid things. I spend my money fixing up my home that is paid for.


25 years ago I gave up California for my dream I do now own a few pieces of land in California but I have learned california aint all people think it is and giving it up for my dreams was easy.


So you have learned how to spot a house that has been abandoned and is most likely for sale and you have also learned how to reduce your bills and actually learned how to save large amounts of money and still be happier than ever.


Here is another cool thing if you havent learned this one ill tell you. If you want to save whats in the bank then work a job and use that money for living. And repairing your new home. In one of my articles how and where to buy a home for less than 10,000 grand their is link to find these homes. Good luck and part 3 will share the last big secret you havent been told. You have learned what nobody will tell you and it has cost you nothing. Your welcome check back for part three coming soon.

How to Buy Land Without a Mortgage



The first place to start is to look in your local newspaper for land owners wanting to sell their properties without a real estate company. They usually say “for sale by owner” or “creative financing available”. If you can find your land local, it will be easier to arrange an owner-financing situation.

You should also look at Craigslist, located at, or Ebay, located at . You can search for land all over the world, and usually people hat list their land on there will be open to owner-financing, lease to purchase, or some other kind of creative financing.


Land is avaiable everywhere. In order to make sure you won’t need to get a standard mortgage, try to arrange owner-financing. This can save you money and can allow you to have more security in your lender.

Shortsale: Tips for Selling Your Home to Prevent Foreclosure

short sale


A shortsale refers to real estate that is being sold for less than is owed on the mortgage loan. Lenders engage in short sales for various reasons. The primary reason is short sales make more financial sense than foreclosure. Mortgage financier, Freddie Mac, states the average cost of foreclosure is between $60.000 and $80,000.

The shortsale process typically takes four to six months to complete. Foreclosure can take up to eighteen months. Although the lender accepts less than is owed, short sales are less detrimental to their bottom line than foreclosure.


Another reason banks engage in short sales is because they are limited on the number of real estate owned (REO) properties they can hold. Many are rapidly approaching their limit due to the constant influx of foreclosure homes.


Thirdly, banks receive money from the Federal Treasury based on their performance. If they are holding too many non-performing loans, the Feds will limit or cease their line of credit. Banks are in business to make money, not manage properties. They have no choice but to engage in short sales to liquidate their inventory.


The first step to entering into a shortsale agreement is to contact your lender. This process can be tedious, so be prepared to be patient and persistent. Banks aren’t jumping for joy to take a loss on loans. In most cases, banks will first attempt to modify your loan so you can prevent foreclosure.


Borrowers must prove they are financially insolvent and do not possess the financial means to repay their debt. Mortgage lenders require homeowners to provide a packet of information consisting of financial records, income and expenses, a short sale hardship letter, and various legal and real estate documents.


Some lenders will not engage in conversation regarding short sales unless the borrower has a qualified buyer in place. Others will grant borrowers’ time to list their property through a realtor. Occasionally, banks will allow property to be listed as “For Sale by Owner.”


Two types of short sale agreements exist: Deficiency Judgment and Payment in Full without Pursuit of Deficiency Judgment. If your lender issues deficiency judgments, it is imperative to understand the consequences. In some cases, it is less detrimental to allow the property to fall into foreclosure.


Deficiency judgments are issued in the amount between the sale price and balance of the loan. If the borrower has a second mortgage, the amount can be staggering. For instance, if you owe $150,000 on your loan and the property sells for $125,000, the bank will issue a judgment for $25,000.


Judgments remain on your credit report until paid in full. Foreclosure will haunt you for ten years. A shortsale will stick around for seven years. However, if borrowers are able to get back on track financially, they can obtain another mortgage loan within two years.


If the property does fall into foreclosure, it is important to obtain a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. This option allows borrowers to give the property back to the bank and walk away without owing additional monies. Without a deed in lieu, the property will be placed for sale through public auction and the borrower held responsible for the difference between the sale price and loan balance.


When structured properly, short sales can be a win-win solution for all parties involved. It is important to become educated about the process and weigh the pros and cons. When necessary consult with a real estate lawyer, realtor or real estate investor who possesses experience in orchestrating short sale transactions.

Explanation of a Short Sale



Homeowners that have fallen behind in their mortgage payments find little comfort in knowing they are not alone. RealtyTrac reports that foreclosure activity was up 32 percent in April when compared to a year ago, increasing the foreclosure activity rate to 1 for every 374 homes. Not wanting to become another statistic, many homeowners are seeking an explanation of a short sale to determine its feasibility as an alternative to foreclosure.

Brief Explanation of a Short Sale


In simple terms, a short sale is when the lender for a home agrees to sell a property for less money than the assessed market value for the home. Real estate professional George Kiefer, GRI points out that “many times the owner may owe $200,000 on a home valued at the same amount, but when you add in the cost of selling the home, say $10,000, then you have a possible short sale situation.” The cost of selling the home is often overlooked by distressed homeowners, but the expenses are never overlooked by a lender.


Qualifying for a Short Sale


A homeowner needs the lending bank’s approval to complete a short sale and not everyone will qualify. “A bank wants proof of your insolvency before agreeing to a short sale,” George explains. “The lender is going to want to look at your bank statements, paychecks, 401(k) – everything – to determine your financial situation. If they see that you’re not exactly solvent, but diminished, then they will usually look for other options.”


Not All Short Sales Are Created Equal


Should a homeowner be able to prove an economic hardship that diminishes her ability to pay her mortgage on time, but is determined by the lending bank to be “somewhat solvent”, the bank might offer a short sale with a side loan to mitigate its loss as a possible solution. Returning to the previous example, if the amount owed on a home is equal to the market value, but the extra $10,000 cannot be covered by the borrower, the bank might short sale the home for the market value and open a $10,000 loan to the homeowner to cover the selling expenses. This is just one of a myriad of ways a creative lender might help the borrower out of a bad situation while still covering their own costs.


Banking Institutions Have a Long Memory


Some homeowners are under the misconception that if their house is foreclosed upon, they can avoid paying the bank the difference between their note and the home’s selling price (plus selling costs) by filing for bankruptcy. This is not always the case. “Banks want their money and they are very patient,” George explains, “so they will wait to see if a homeowner files for bankruptcy, or if they have filed, will wait for the homeowner to come out of bankruptcy, knowing they cannot file for bankruptcy again for seven years, and then they will come after them for the money they lost.” George is quick to note that this method is not the rule, but the actions are hardly the exception, either.


Seek Advice From Experts


Anyone that is facing the harsh reality of falling behind in his or her mortgage payments should seek a short sale explanation from professionals. George recommends that the first question a person or family in this situation needs to do is “ask themselves one question: do I want this house off my back or do I want to stay in my home?” The answer to this question will dictate the next steps the homeowner should take. If the answer is stay in the home, the person should open discussions with the bank to see if they will work with them in fixing the problem. If the bank is not compliant or refuses to halt the foreclosure proceedings, the next step is to talk to a real estate agent. “Many times I have been contacted by clients that have told me they talked to the bank seven or eight different times and the bank would not budge,” George relates, “but once we started the short sale process, guess what? The bank suddenly started negotiating. This is a very common occurrence.”


Not All Experts Are Created Equal, Either


It’s important for a homeowner to do their research and find an agent that can provide an educated explanation of a short sale. “Many agents,” George admits, “avoid short sales because of all the things that can go wrong [from a buyer’s viewpoint] and because of that, they are not as educated about the process as they should be.” George, whose background is in accounting, points to a common misconception held by some experts that the monies lost in a short sale are taxable against the seller. “IRS form 544 states, in no uncertain terms, if you have a loan forgiven and are insolvent or bankrupt, you do not have to pay taxes” on the difference. Since a bank, under most circumstances, will not agree to a short sale unless they have determined a borrower is insolvent, a tax cannot be levied. A Certified Public Accountant is another expert whose advice should be sought and will be able to answer any tax related questions involved in the process.


Avoid Foreclosure at All Costs


George mentions that any time an application for credit is submitted, one of the questions is “Have you ever been foreclosed upon?” There is no time frame set in the question, suggesting that if a credit seeker is to answer this question honestly, then there is no time limit to the damage foreclosure can cause to a person’s credit. When a short sale is agreed to by the bank, the lender will have paperwork stating the loan was ‘paid as agreed’. This does not mean the borrower is free and clear immediately following this procedure – quite the opposite. The initial damage to one’s credit is about equal to the damage done by foreclosure, but the time frame in returning to future home ownership is significantly lessened. A person having to short sale her property can reasonably be expected to return to the home buying market in as little as four years from the credit blemish. Four years may seem a long time to some, but everyone can agree it’s much sooner than never.


RealtyTrac Staff, “Foreclosure Activity Remains At Record Levels In April.” RealtyTrac

Taking Advantage of Real Estate Foreclosures



Despite the economic downturn and all of the hand wringing in the real estate foreclosures market, there are all manner of valuable savings to be had for those who are in a position to take advantage of the current condition of the real estate foreclosures market. Naturally, anyone with the opportunity to invest in real estate has become somewhat skittish due to the massive downturn not only in the economy but in the real estate market as well. This downturn has spelled doom for many families and investors who were hoping to purchase homes and real estate on the cheap. Unfortunately, the bottoming out of the real estate market has had a terrible effect on these types of investors.

With all the people losing their money on the real estate foreclosure market, it seems that there is no end in sight and no light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In any economic downturn, there is a fortune to be made for those who are in a position to take advantage of the sudden drop in real estate prices and the tremendous increase in foreclosures. By jumping on some of the more viable real estate foreclosure properties, investors can ensure that they have bought their real estate at well below fair market. This type of investing ensures that they are in a position that enables them to leverage their equity well into the future.


While it is true that the real estate market is in a downturn at the moment, it is important to keep in mind that people always need a place to live and real estate foreclosures, even a multitude of them, are only indicators that people have made foolish investments and they are unable to keep up with their overall cost of living. The simple fact is, many people make foolish investments and real estate foreclosures are the fruits of these types of investments.


For those who are able to take advantage of these bargains, it is a windfall situation, as they are basically shooting fish in a barrel. While this seems like something of a frivolous attitude, it is the truth, those who are more responsible with their money will be able to take advantage of real estate foreclosures that were caused by those who were not quite as responsible. This is not a slight on those who have lost their homes due to real estate foreclosures, rather it is a general statement on the condition of the real estate market as it stands today.


Despite all of the optimistic advice in this article, it is important to keep in mind that any real estate investor must do their due diligence and ensure that the home they are purchasing is worth dealing with. Purchasing a home that is not worth the money that they are investing is simply another example of bad business that will cause difficulties in the long run. This is the same vicious cycle that other investors and families have been involved in that has caused the real estate foreclosure market situation that currently exists.

The Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Home Foreclosures

home forclosure

If you have decided that buying a foreclosure is the best opportunity for you to get into the real estate market then you will want to learn as much about the process as possible before you take the plunge. It can certainly be said that learning how to buy foreclosure properties is an interesting and rewarding experience as the knowledge you gain now can be put to use again and again in the future if you ever plan to purchase more foreclosure homes.

One thing to keep in mind when you are planning to buy a foreclosure is the location of the property. Many first time buyers get caught up in the excitement of the low prices of properties, and then fail to follow the simple rules of buying any type of real estate. Location is highly important so check if there are schools nearby, check what the shopping is like and take a good hard look at the neighbourhood.


Is it a pleasant place to live? Think for the long term as well as the short term, because you may wish to resell or rent out the house in future so you will want to get the best possible return on investment by buying a property located in a desirable area now.


To find foreclosure listings you can start by using the internet. There are many websites, such as, that offer free and paid foreclosure listings services. These sties provide an excellent and convenient way to get the most up to date foreclosure property lists for your state, city or town.


You must do all that you can to learn how to buy foreclosure properties. The more you know about the process, the better position you will be in to buy the best property at the best price. You will also discover places to access foreclosure listings that other buyers may not be aware of. This gives you a distinct advantage in the market.


Remember, like anything in life, if you surround yourself with expert and people who can help you, you will have a greater chance of being successful Purchasing foreclosure properties is no different, so make sure you strike up friendships with lenders, real estate agents and everyone else that is involved in the foreclosure buying process: you never know what valuable information they may be able to share with you along the way.


Foreclosure houses may be the perfect choice for families who think they can’t afford a home. Foreclosure listings also provide a great investment opportunity for those looking to flip houses. Visit my Foreclosures Real Estate blog to learn the secrets to Buying a Foreclosure !!

A Second Home as a Mixed-Used Property

open house


Investing in Real Estate by purchasing a second home is one of the cleverest movements you can do at the current period. This is not because second homes are cheaper than the prime residencies but due to the fact that a vacation home can be a mixed – used property.

In this article you will find how a second home can be your favourite destination for your vacations and a profitable investment at the same time.


Your personal paradise


By purchasing a vacation home, like a villa in a Greek Ionian Island could be the ideal and lifetime solution for your vacations. The acquisition of a second home demands an important amount of money at first but finally it excuses you from the vacation expenses for as long as you desire. Also, it offers you the desired hospitality as it has all those characteristics that you choose for yourself and your beloved ones. Owning a vacation home means that you don’t have to make plans every year for your holidays, you don’t have to spend your money for residency in hotels, for eating out and for travel agencies. You can create your own private paradise, in the location you love most and with all the facilities that you want for your ideal holidays. Also, in this way you ensure a comfortable and always hospitable home for any time of the year. You don’t have to worry for making early reservations as your own home will always be at your disposal! Finally, by purchasing a second home you ensure a potential residency for the years of your retirement and it is often helpful to buy it when you are financially active in order to enjoy it in those late years without the anxiety for its cost.


A source of income


A vacation home can also work as an important source of income as you can rent it for long or shorter periods and use this money for your financial needs. Most people are not able to be away from their main home and away from work more than two months in a year. This means that a second home will be out of use for most of time and this gives you the opportunity to lease it for long periods or to rent it even per night or week. This is not something simple of course, but with the right strategy and with the right guidance of a professional you can ensure an important amount of money in this way. This means that even if you have used a loan for the purchase at first, you can use the money from the rent in order to pay it off. This is a unique possibility that a second home has to offer and you cannot find it in other investing movements in real estate.


Suppose that you buy a villa in Lefkada, which is a famous and picturesque island of Greece and it is also a wished destination of many wealthy Europeans during the half part of the year, from spring to autumn. It is as if you kill two birds with one stone. You have a lovely home in an idyllic place which fits exactly to your needs and taste and you can use it during your holiday and you can also rent it to other visitors of the island or even to a local resident for the time you are away. The only thing that you have to pay attention to, is the tenants that you will choose in order to ensure a good conciliation.




A second home is an ideal proposal for someone who wants to involve in Real Estate investments, as it is the only property that you can easily use it in two different ways. A vacation home provides you with an ideal residency for your holidays and also can be used as a property that you rent and you earn money.