Beginning My Real Estate Career


Beginning my Real Estate Career

In two previous articles I have discussed getting licensed in Real Estate in Arizona and all of the necessary memberships, etc. Well, now it is time to begin working in Real Estate and showing houses. I am currently working with my first client who happens to be my girlfriend and me. We are looking at purchasing a condo and I will be discussing purchasing a home in an upcoming article.


At the same time, I am also looking at how to get my part time business of Real Estate off the ground. Of course, one of the first things that I need to do is obtain clients. I have numerous connections in my area and have talked to most of my friends and advised them that I will now be able to help them with all of their home buying and selling needs. I know that I will need to do more than this to be successful and I am working on developing a strategy.


My budget is limited and I already have another full-time job so I am not looking to spend a ton of money upfront on marketing. Instead, I would like to spend a little starting out and then use a percentage of the money that I make from my initial transactions to fund more marketing efforts in the future. But I do have some ideas for getting started.


The first thing that is absolutely necessary is to order business cards because you will never be able to get the word out about yourself without them. Business cards will probably cost you about $100, maybe $150 if you want to have your photo taken and add that. The other thing that I plan on doing is a letter that I plan on posting on every door at a condominium development near where I currently reside. It will be introducing myself as someone who really wants to get involved in the neighborhood and would love to hear back from them about what they know and how they feel about the area. I will tell them that if they send me an e-mail or give me a call with their contact info, I will start sending them a newsletter that will tell them about the real estate market in the area and give them an idea of what their home is worth. The newsletter will also talk about anything new or exciting that is coming to the area. I think that people will be excited to hear about what their home is worth and anything new that is coming to the area, and therefore, I think that I will get a lot of good contacts out of the deal.


Beyond those ideas, I will also talk to as many people as possible and also discuss with my broker whether or not there is any way that they can provide me with additional leads. I am also planning to try calling For Sale By Owners because a very high percentage of those individuals end up working with an agent.


My next article will talk about some of my early observations as I begin to show houses, add clients and gain information.