Top 10 Mac Apps for Web Designers

Web designers are constantly facing new challenges and higher expectations from techno savvy consumers. Just when you thought a web site couldn’t get any better, a new state of the art design jumps off the screen. To help aid these entrepreneurial web designers, Macintosh Applications have made life a little easier. This list of top ten most useful Mac apps will keep web designers on the cutting edge.

#1 ColorSchemer Studio 2

ColorSchemer Studio 2 is a masterful color blending Mac application that will help you, as a web designer, create flavorful and vibrant color designs in a matter of minutes. ColorSchemer’s programming allows you to find perfect color combinations and introduce color schemes that work well with one another.

#2 Imagetricks

Since visual appeal is such a key element in web design, Macintosh’s Imagetricks application can help you create effects that are sure to please the eye. Some of these effects resemble features that Photoshop and other software programs offer. Most significantly, the enhanced images can be exported in a variety of necessary formats to help with your page design. Imagetricks makes a web designer’s job a little easier.

#3 Séquence

Sequence is the name of a popular board game, and it is also a Mac app that allows you to save a picture or movie of your screen to your personal clipboard. Consequently, a simple screenshot or a running video can be uploaded, sent, stored, or distributed as you wish. With Sequence’s versatile nature, these screenshots can be saved as bmp, pict, gif, jpg, png, tiff, and pdf files.

#4 Xee

Xee rhymes with flea and allows you to rename, move, and copy files while you are previewing the file. Additionally, folders that contain multiple images can be viewed in their entirety using simple commands and shortcuts. Surprisingly enough, you are even able to see images that have been saved in archived files. Automatic slideshow will enable you to view the vast collection of pictures that have been accessed using Xee.

#5 Lineform

Lineform is the Mac app that most closely resembles the Illustrator application. Fortunately, Lineform is free and some of the other options, including Illustrator, are not. The admirable features in Lineform allows you, the web designer, to create the perfect design that you are striving to actualize. The maximum use of gradients and artistic effects makes Lineform a popular Mac app. The result of this app is something that is perfect for some cheap gaming laptops under 300 dollars.

#6 Paparazzi

Usually when you hear the word Paparazzi, you immediately feel a sense of mild animosity toward photographers and columnists alike. Fortunately, that is not the case with the Paparazzi Macintosh application. Paparazzi allows you to capture a complete webpage shot without it rolling off the side of your screen. Rather than compiling a bunch of fragmented screenshots and putting them together, Paparazzi enables a web designer to copy an entire page from beginning to end and export it as one file.

#7 SecretBox

The SecretBox Mac app is probably one of the most useful of all the Macintosh applications because it safely stores important information. Private information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, email addresses, and serial codes can all be stored in SecretBox’s secure database. Even businesses can use this app for client’s passwords and private information.

#8 Firefox’s Firebug

A firebug is not the same as a firefly or a lighting bug, but it is a useful application. The Firefox application for web developers provides a wide variety of maneuverable functions that allow for editing, viewing, testing, development, browsing, and debugging of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. With its impressive capabilities, Firebug can override the HTML on any web page for the sole purpose of viewing the page in Firefox.

#9 Dejal Time Out

This web designer Mac application might not seem like the most strategic one of the bunch, but it is a healthy one. When you get engrossed in intense computer work, it is so common to forget to take a break. Never ending hours hunkered over a computer screen can be an unhealthy habit. Dejal Time Out kindly reminds the user to take a brief break from the stress of extensive computer usage.

#10 SimpleTask

This manageable Mac application allows you to organize your to-do list in a way that is simple and painless. With the limited number of fields and the various options, as a web designer, you can create a list in a short amount of time. Your time is valuable, and the SimpleTask practical organizational tool will help you make the most of every second.

With the high demands and challenging expectations, web designers rely on practical Mac apps that get the job done in a fast and reliable way. Macintosh applications help web designers make the most of their valuable time. Cutting edge technology might not always captivate your attention, but it could help you save precious time in the long run.