How to Make an Instant Profit in Todays Real Estate Market Part 2


You can do it the secrets your never told about

making money in real estate and a profit on your first buy.

First things first you have to decide do I want to really make money or am I just saying I do. Because its work and a little sacrifice. So many times I see people who want the american dream to be rich and own real estate. Thats fine but what will you pay to be rich and have your dreams.


I have a friend and her husband their dream is to own a ranch. Thats fine but a ranch is going to take time at least a true ranch of 12,000 acres or more will. So they got tired of paying a house note and rent and bought a motor home and 2 1/2 acres in the middle of the desert. This is a good start. What did they do well it simple if you want a simple life and have to earn it. Now if your dream is to build a ranch 20,000 dollars wont do it period. But here is the short of it.


By moving to their land they stopped 90 percent of their bills. And had extra money to do things. Like be stupid but hey its their life mainly her husbands life not hers.


Now I could not do as they have done I need the creature comforts like hot water and electricity but to each their own. They had the general idea just no follow through. It seems most people lack follow through. If your dream is to rich and you make 25 dollars and hour you have to alter your plan a bit. Most people biggest expense is rent or a house note. Which can take up a large chunk of a check every month. I have had people say my dream is to own land in california nice dream but not realistic to making money in real estate. Even the biggest flippers avoid california.


These people all have one thing in common the beach and some of them live hundreds of miles from the beach and never go but none the less. This is what they want. And 99 percent of them never see their dream come true. And it makes no sense either when you can go a city in a less populated part of the country. And buy a house for 5000 dollars. You now have a house it most likely needs work but hey thats what this is about. You are already 75 steps farther than most your house most likely has equity in it already. You dont have rent or a house note if you loose your job you can work for seven dollars an hour till things get better.


It allows you freedom and teaches you to wait and another good thing. You have learned that if everything is paid off and you owe only phone and utilities you will have more things faster like another house. You are now free to save that would have been used for rent and wasted. Everything I own is paid for. I dont worry about credit or any other stupid things. I spend my money fixing up my home that is paid for.


25 years ago I gave up California for my dream I do now own a few pieces of land in California but I have learned california aint all people think it is and giving it up for my dreams was easy.


So you have learned how to spot a house that has been abandoned and is most likely for sale and you have also learned how to reduce your bills and actually learned how to save large amounts of money and still be happier than ever.


Here is another cool thing if you havent learned this one ill tell you. If you want to save whats in the bank then work a job and use that money for living. And repairing your new home. In one of my articles how and where to buy a home for less than 10,000 grand their is link to find these homes. Good luck and part 3 will share the last big secret you havent been told. You have learned what nobody will tell you and it has cost you nothing. Your welcome check back for part three coming soon.