Successful Entrepreneur Characteristics

The following article is by guest writer Pat Mackaronis, CEO and Founder of Brabble, Inc, a social network based in New York City. Visit Pat on Twitter at @patty__mack.

The definition of success is often subjective and differs from person to person. However, when determining the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, there seem to be several fundamental traits in place. The aim of this article is to figure out what has worked for others and how to implement those concepts into the business plans of up and coming entrepreneurs.


More often than not, creativity and a knack for thinking outside the box is a major aspect of building successful businesses. Many entrepreneurs have the ability to either come up with original, unique ideas or improve an existing one.

Work Ethic

You rarely hear about success stories from people who sit back and have their business empires grow by themselves. Getting ahead and growing a business on any scale usually requires determination and at least some initial hard work. It seems like this is the area where many new entrepreneurs fail. They simply don’t see the results they desire right away and quit. People who “make it” typically build their businesses from the ground up, putting forth lots of effort and persevere over the inevitable obstacles in their paths.


This is another extremely important trait of most success stories. The world is often filled with negativity and envious haters who like to suck the life out of those who dare attempt to make it on their own. The ability to understand your strengths and qualities and implement them into your business strategy is an integral part of an entrepreneur’s growth. Almost every successful person has faced setbacks and adversity at some point. It’s those that can shake it off and keep going that end up on top.


The world is constantly in flux with trends coming and going like the seasons. The ability to be flexible and improvise on the fly is so often a common winner’s trait. Those who resist change and are unable to adapt find themselves permanently lagging behind and find their lives stagnant. This is why adaptability is often a necessary aspect of taking a business to the next level and keeping customers happy.


This seems to be an often overlooked aspect of successful business owners. It’s hard to consistently work on a project and give it your all if you’re completely uninterested. You may be excited with a full head of steam initially, but over time your enthusiasm wanes if you’re not dealing with something you truly enjoy. This is why it’s vital to ask yourself if you’re truly passionate about a business idea you have in mind. However, if your business idea gets you super excited and you can see yourself doing it long term, you might just have a winning idea.

So if you’re a budding entrepreneur just getting into the game, try to develop these characteristics and you will have a great shot at success and obtaining your goals.