An online magazine spoke recently with Aaron Ewer, a young real estate agent working in Halifax, NS, since 2006, about how he markets himself, why having good photography skills can help sell houses quickly and why his age doesn’t affect his business.

When asked what his best marketing plan or strategy for attracting a potential home owner was, Ewer said with each listing, he tries to imagine what the buyer is thinking.

“I think about what will be important for them to notice about the property and accent it both in the photos and the property description,” he said. “It’s almost certain that the buyer will find the property online, so having a solid web presence is essential.”

Having Good Photographs Of Houses Helps Them Sell Quickly

Having effective advertising is essential for a real estate agent, Ewer said, adding that he markets himself through previous clients and through his own website.

“I am very fortunate to have a great group of clients who are willing to refer me to their friends and family,” he said. “I try to keep in touch throughout the year whether by mail, e-mail, phone or going out for coffee.”

Ewer said he’s attempted some Facebook advertising which works great when promoting properties, but admits when he tries to advertise by himself, it falls flat.

Referrals Are The Best Form Of Advertising

“It proves to me over and over again that referrals are the best form of advertising,” he said. Ewer is also an avid photographer who shoots the houses he sells.

“I work hard at perfecting my photography skills since it’s the first thing most buyers will look at when browsing through real estate,” he said. “With so much competition, it’s important for me to always find a way to have my listings pop out to potential buyers as they sift through listings online.”

Through the last couple years, Ewer said he has discovered what shots work, and what don’t.

“I’ve moved beyond a few snapshots of a house to focusing on capturing the unique quality of each home,” he said, adding that he will spend hours re-arranging furniture and adjusting lighting to get the perfect picture.

Starting a Real Estate Career

Ewer began his career by coordinating the marketing for a Halifax real estate firm.

“The position involved a lot of design and photography, but most importantly allowed me to job shadow some of the most experienced agents and learn how the industry works,” he said. “About eight months later, I got my real estate license.”

Ewer said the top three things that separate him from competition are:

  1. His marketing approach
  2. His age
  3. The company he works for

Ewer, 24, said he hasn’t noticed people choosing competitors over him because of his age.

“I’m sure there are some who are skeptical. The way the industry works is so heavily based on referrals that most of my clientele is coming from previous satisfied clients,” he said. “I work hard on just being confident in my job, and doing what it takes to put deals together.”